Board members and leadership

African Revival Fellowship is committed to its mission. Our leadership team and dedicated volunteers among African Diaspora in the United States and around the world are our strongest assets. African Revival Fellowship believes that a decentralized leadership structure will increase innovation and freedom of the spirit in our ministry. African Revival Fellowship is striving to focus on Leadership development – so individual members are able to perform the mission successfully.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Koudifo,  President. North Carolina, USA.

Pastor Christian Todze, Vice President. Virginia, USA.

Mr. Adrien Kponon Lossou, General Secretary. Texas, USA

Ms. Emma Manesso,  Children Ministry Director. Texas, USA.

Mrs. Djanita Kponon Lossou,  Prayer ministry Director. Texas, USA.
Ms. Esther Mawunou, Public Relation Director. Georgia, USA.
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